Introduction to a WAHMderful life


At the start of the New Year, I resolved to be more productive and to stop procrastinating.   So I can say I started my year right by attending the WAHMderful Year-Starter Workshop sponsored by Manila Workshops last January 18, 2014.

Working from Home is a concept I have been interested in for some time now but my main problem is how to get started, how to find legitimate work.  I visited a number of sites that offer jobs that I can work on from the confines of my home but between building a profile worth visiting and taking tests to increase my chances to land an online job, I can’t seem to find that one thing that would make me a certified Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM).

When I came across the Manila Workshops post about its WAHM Workshop for January, I immediately looked for someone to go with me to that Workshop.  Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem going on my own but I just want to have someone familiar to share the experience with.  I contacted two of my friends from High School who may want to take part in that seminar and I was fortunate that my friend CJ agreed to register as well.

We arrived at the venue before 10 in the morning with just enough time to relax before the  10am to 4pm Workshop starts.   It  was there when we met one of the organizers, Ms. Ginger Arboleda.

The first speaker for the day was Ms. Martine De Luna who is popularly known as the Dainty Mom .  She first talked about how to get more clients as a WAHM particularly how important a Brand is to set us apart from other WAHMs.    She said that a brand is our core purpose visualized and worded, hence, it is important to know what sets us apart and who we are.    I learned that it is important to define my target audience, identify my unique value, craft a really effective elevator pitch and invest in my brand.  I also learned that to be a successful WAHM, you must not forget the importance of content – the quality of your work.

The second speaker for the day was Ms. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag.  She started her talk by showing us her favorite quote which goes like this:

“Life is too short to let even one day
be frenzied or frazzled or frittered away.
Life is too short not to take the time to do the things
that will hold the most meaning for you.”

The second part of the quote is what struck me the most.  We often do things for the sake of doing it that we do not take  into account it’s importance or it’s meaning not just in our lives, but in the lives of our family as well.

This quote somehow made me realize what I already know but have been trying hard to balance at this point in my life.  My family is my Number 1 Priority and with that in mind, any decision I have to make in the future must not be at the expense of my family life, my time with my husband and my kids.

It is also important to only do the things that will produce the results you desire so here enters the 80/20 Rule.  She explained the need to use the 80/20 Rule.  20% of your tasks should achieve 80% of your desired results or in my case, I should choose which 20% of my time builds my family life and my career as a WAHM.

I also learned the two Time Management Secrets – Managing your time based on priorities and Managing your time based on clearly defined goals.   If you know your priorities and your personal mission statement, you will be able to manage your time effectively and produce your desired results.

In the course of the Workshop,  we were also made to answer a few sheets of paper listing down our priorities, our usual daily activities, our key roles and relationships and tribute statements and action points for each and our 2014 Action Plan.  It was like making my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014 but more specific.  I cannot remember the last time I wrote my New Year’s Resolutions and  the Workshop made me realize that I need to start doing it every year to stay focused and  on track.

When the WAHM Year-Starter Workshop ended, the women who participated in it went home inspired and in high spirits.  I must say I did not really know what to expect when I signed up for the workshop but the WAHM Year-Starter Workshop made me realize that creating a home and building my career without sacrificing family time is possible as evidenced by other successful WAHMs out there, particularly the organizer and the speakers of the event.  It was indeed a WAHMderful experience!

For those who are curious about WAHM,  visit the sites below.  Manila Workshops have a lot of workshops to choose from and it is  not  only for those who want to be WAHMs so check it out!

Manila Workshops 
Martine de Luna
Ms. Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag

wahmderful life



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