Blogging my way toward my goals

medium_302510560Photo credit:  Blogging Librarian  via Photo Pin  CC

In this day and age, anyone can become a writer or,  thanks to the evolution of technology,  a BLOGGER!

Ever since I discovered the internet in year 2000, I had been interested in blogsites but I was more of a reader than a writer.  And during those days, blogging was more like an online diary of the blogger, documenting the blogger’s thoughts and feelings as well as his/her day to day activities.

Nowadays, Blogging is being used for almost everything: for educational purposes, a tool of business, a guide to improve oneself or to document a person’s journey.   Topics are vast: current events, politics, weddings, babies, motherhood, food, sports, entertainment, religion, photography, fashion, interior design and many more.  The possibilities are just endless.  And each blogger has his or her own reason for blogging.

As for me,  I have mentioned in my earlier post that I am interested to become a Work-at-Home Mom (WAHM).  I want to find suitable work which I can do at home without compromising my time with my family.  And in order to do that, I have to start somewhere and so I decided to start by blogging.

Blogging can help me develop my creative side.  I know that if I put my thoughts into words, I will also be able to learn more about myself as well as focus on my goals because it will help me monitor what I have accomplished and what I still need to accomplish.

I will also be able to determine if I am taking chances I should and I am making the right choices based on the goals I have set at the start of the year.

Blogging will serve as a tool to find what I have been looking for all these years – a sense of fulfillment and an ultimate way to contentment.

Some may question how will I be able to accomplish all these just by blogging.   For me, it is a matter of believing — Believing that blogging my way toward my goals will help me grow, not just as a blogger, but as a mother, a wife and my own person..

I read in one post of Martine De Luna that blogging can help one live meaningfully.  I am still new in the blogging world but I personally believe this.   Through blogging, I will be able to accomplish the reason why I wanted to start blogging anyway – to leave behind lessons I want my children to learn from when the time comes that they need guidance and I am no longer around.

And even if only a few read my posts, I know that I will enjoy blogging because it will help me get my thoughts across.. to the people who matter the most…



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